30 January 2011

Voice of the Voice

voice of the voice speaking
wanting to say something about missing
another human being

that woman was like my soul when we lived close to each others, and her home was my home. actually, I was at home whenever she was by my side. in my memories I see her in the darkest corners of neon lit clubs, being there only for me. but when she danced, my. she woke everyone up from whatever dream they were in.

when she was released into the wilderness, that being the parks and streets of a city lit by the midnight sun, she was whatever she wanted. a lion, a boy from the middle ages. damn, she was happy to be whatever, and for that reason, she was everything. at least for me.

no need to tell any story about why she has left the city. she's ok.

“hello, charlie.”
“I have no idea where that name comes from. I'm sorry for my name. If I knew what my parents were thinking, I'd know the reason for my name and maybe some other reasons, too. ”

a heart skips a beat somewhere in space. whose, can't really tell. might have been mine, I guess, for the music played inside this squat I'm in bounces back from the walls in a bit too space twisting manner. damn, did I just say something?

“you don't need to be sorry for your name.”
“yeah I know. just wanted to let you know I am.”
“are you ok?”
“I'm pining.”

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