22 February 2011


don't want to bother you with bad signs
but do know we're approaching the end of times

soon enough you will have to say goodbye
to prepackaged food, electricity and red wine

nothing supernatural is in effect here
peak oil will show its effects everywhere

I hope you too have a plan b
there's an obvious one at least for me

raised by two skilled to grow and hunt and gather
only having my love a 2k km away makes me a gambler

15 February 2011

Dear bacchus

unable to think straight, but enough stubborn
to try to write a sentence, no matter how random

dear bacchus,

I have loved to run with you in the fields of time. the rules of irrationality are felt in their most coherent possible way when you become embodied in space. a glass of wine, and you're there.

you know I'm not speaking in behalf of intoxication here. that's too extreme for me. a little bit of alteration works just fine. and when speaking about wine, it was never meant to cure thirst, it was to be tasted. took a long time and effort from willing men to develop wine to a point of being a whole variety more than mere vinegar.

in order to enjoy those precious juices, one has to have will enough to settle for a savor of embodied intoxication and not to become consumed by it. though you like to eat pie, right?

I couldn't be more happy with the balance we've achieved. everything feeds itself with more of itself, I've come to notice, and that's why things tend to become worse or better in time while following their destined position, one which is acquired simply by being biased. balance lies in the will.

to make this even more simple, for some, balance between men lies in the will. think about it. equality is not an automation, but a result of prioritizing. what is the deepest value within you that's shared by you and everyone else? could ask that from anyone, but I know you will answer it to be something related to the nature of being conscious. in various ways.

I wish I had time to write to you about escapism and all the things I've realized in regards to it and you and us, but, I might really have nothing to say but ramble which will be hammered down by a reply to a question concerning some new fields to run in whilst “dropping out.”

12 February 2011

Riding the Tiger

it is two am and I am sitting on the outer window seat of a building built to be two stories high some two hundred years ago. down the street, some 30 meters or so, there's a bar open for men in the midst of a joyful reunion. otherwise there's not a soul on the damp streets, no one but me to bathe in the mist. 

“I can't just sit here and play tower bloxx with my phone all night.”
“why not?”

stunned, I turn and a bit unexpectedly land on my feet to face william. 

“are you having fun?”
“yeah the boys are well and the beer is fine. no ladies at sight though. why don't you come in and speak us some finnish or something?”
“you know me. I'd rather be alone right now, this mood I'm in is almost everything but social.”
“you wanna go into the car?”
“why not.”

so I lay on my back on the backseat and listen to the quietness. the moist in the air around goes through everything, through the hood of the car and through my skin and fat and muscles to even make my bones feel cold. but, luckily, william is here, too.

“today has been a good day. I realized something about love and it became a key to my relationship with kant.”
“post mortem relationships, on my opinion, are less interesting than the ones which are in your face.”
“amo, please, you know I only imagine myself having these relationships for I communicate with words these people have left behind. but I only do this for you, because now my dear, I can be in peace with my heart for I know that to love you is a morally good deed, indeed.”
“are you high?”
“a bit, but please let me continue. the word idealist is a funny thing to associate to kant, because he has no idea about what love is. and the ones who have materialized whatever ideals they might have had in our history have done that because of the action of love, namely, passion. and a love well understood easily manifests as a passion that's well driven, like this car or you.”
“yeah but that doesn't mean they do any good now does it.”
“you're being all altruist there you know, knowing nothing about kant but still hailing him. the kantian tradition sees all that which make life feel like life, like passion, anger, fear, love, pity and even sympathy, as morally problematic. and you know why?”
“blow my mind baby.”
“because they are not will-governed. so everything in life that is not under your control is immoral. so take control of every fucking thing and be happy. that's how it is to have an asperger state of mind.”
“but you can't take control of everything.”
“ah you have a right state of mind, the state of mind of a tiger I'm going to ride.”

and so it became clear to me, that the so called romantic love, the one with all the irrational feelings and moods and such, was the one that as a collection of its parts became the embodiment of love, the full experience of it. love is rational, of course it is, but to really know how and why love is one has to experience it with a quiet but strong will. life provides love in a tangible form when it is directed, with passion, to another human being. and if one wishes to max that tangibility, I recommend sex.

what comes out of experiencing love in its most tangible form? children? why don't I let you decide.

07 February 2011

Nigel Farage in Helsinki

Nigel Farage: reading about the history of finland, I have learned that the finnish people struggled for many centuries in order to win your freedom and independence, first from sweden, then russia. in the 20th century you had to fight against both the soviet union and then nazi germany. your forebears worked and fought long and hard to be able to democratically determine their own future. your declaration of independence from russia in 1917 and consequent formation of finland as a nation state were crucial events in your progress towards democracy.

democracy of course cannot exist without the consent of a demos (a people with a shared language, history or culture). a demos necessitates at bare minimum a shared consciousness - a sense of we, a group with an identity and sense of belonging together. the people of finland certainly have that. one important litmus test for a demos, is that the people of this demos share a sense of solidarity so that they were willing to help pay taxes and fund other members of the same demos of a different area with lack of financial means. ask yourself; are the taxpayers of finland willing to fund the payment of civil servants in athens, the wages of social workers in sicily and the construction of motorways in latvia?

are the citizens of finland happy that through the institutions of the eu, commissioners from bucharest, budapest and bratislava are able to dicate the laws that are enacted through the eu for the people of finland? I think not.

membership of the eu means that laws can be made in brussels by people you cannot elect or get rid of and are imposed upon you against your will. if finland is like the other countries in europe, it means that a high percentage of the laws which pas through your national parliament each year originate not in helsinki, but in brussels.

however, I am here tonight to warn you of the danger that the european union poses to democracy in finland. your democratic will as a sovereign people can be overturned and ignored time and time again because the eu has a different agenda.


dogs. just one day before she had been criticized over her rhetorical choice reflecting a poor sense of humor and judgment, that being her use of dog conditioning as a metaphor for how to live well in the company of men. damn, dogs. but then the irony kicked in while dining in the company of four very self conscious men from africa.

“yes, the meat is good but it's made for stronger teeth than mine,”

she said, and watched as a powerfully build man of twenty something years had no trouble in ripping the meat with his straight white teeth. and then, naturally, he started chewing on the bone.

“you know you can eat the bone too? it is very good for your teeth to eat the bone.”
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