27 March 2009

Who's SS?

SS: life as this piece a meat I am
is hard for walls crash if I don't stay still

Dear Sun and Sin

SS: sun shone like never before
now I fear it will burn us all

but then he kissed my city dust polluted face

No sea have I ever seen

Surveillance: today i saw a young girl promise
to a man

i'll make a poem about pirates!

later she sung:

in my life

no sea have I ever seen
pirates only exist in a tv screen

but boy oh boy oh boy
northern suburbs too sing 'ahoy'

these singers hide the wooden legs so well
that never could we their true nature easily tell!

no, not speaking about
the warriors for the freedom of sharing
through a bay
or some really random association to

but just people with a mother tongue which somehow requires present tense for 'wanting' in order to talk about the future

God: my personal associative skill goes way beyond sense today dear Surveillance. for now my inner spectrum joints these 'somali people' to a very far other end from where the buddhists with their cool capes stand

Surveillance: and we can definitely talk about scum of the earth when we see without a cape running but kinda thinking buddha was right and all -hippienob with a pirate like above described sitting together in a bar drinking cheap and literally raw beer

23 March 2009



good advice from my mother, years and years ago: ...no otat muistikuvia.



Surveillance: I have a message from television!
rarely do we hear from him anymore

a few world champions were today in argentina
and all they knew was how to do wearable ad deals

thought this might interest you..

and then, an ad for a car
don't remember the brand right now, sorry
but anyway, I laughed my ass out over someone mishearing the music
for them when spoken random ramble over the l o v e for whats the letter for -song sounded like;
...e is even
more than any drug that you adore!

and I agree!

22 March 2009

Palm over Stove

Surveillance: who cares this was a friday with a number
for today, helsinki bathed in sun

one sign of spring my friends:
and then could we again say
see you at the duck tape balancing rasta superman


God: long long time ago
like, enough of a time to say
'the past'
I was
in the company of children

their logic got into me for I indeed was one of them
so one day I pondered over a problem

my fingertips have a surface made out of patterns
with dark valleys and luminous mountaintops

I've already 'felt' why it is not good to place my palm over the stove
over that I've cried as if there were apologies I owe!

but yet again this day
I look at my hand, zoom to my index fingertip
I lock my eyes into evidence: the very end of the circles
how they go into an end but still keep on going!
then the stove

for in the middle of it's black'n'perfect lines
the same happens: the very ends meet but still keep on going!

for the last time of my existence I did it: placed the two matching objects in my life together
palm and a hot stove, lol for the logic
but at the same time, finally, learned:
not every association
is worth an action

11 March 2009

Warming Heart

SS: this day was dedicated to women
for this I and one other filling above mentioned category received a gift
from a man I cannot describe

this gift had its physical form and its usage
but what it made me feel, how it made me feel
was in the end:

my heart is warming and warning me up to life

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