24 January 2010


rome by night


to be continued at night


imagine in this time
and in this space

to reach three conditions
how hard could it be?

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/format 3d
/lingua inglese

only this is in life to remember, kids
you are nothing but tourists

( days running away in the rhythm of her scurry
she would be ok if not for all the worry )

but do leave the bed in the morning, please
for faithlessness is becoming a disease

21 January 2010


talking to / for faceless companies
with need / greed created existences

answers by voices of stress
lead to nothing because of my outsourcedness

19 January 2010


woke up to my own laughter this morning


seven cups of espresso by noon
at sunset crashing to catatonic doom

when you start to see inside your head
you can be sure you're approaching death

the morning hours in a conference call spent
just a year ago I got through them while I slept

12 January 2010

Irony of the Universe


weird sense of love in the air

irony of the universe

say something like you mean it
and you will surely swallow shit

01 January 2010


God: okey. creativity in the new year
I see it must be summoned, so so summoned

Surveillance: tuksu says champagne is a part of the glamour lifestyle

God: ah, I'm way behind!

was ment to to rant on how helsinki sucks
but let us just get the point through

give it up for

II2b: it all comes down to the lack of imagination


Surveillance: when loading lasts, it's good
to have an awesome loop!

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