21 July 2014

MH17 fucks you up

Some years ago, I made the decision to focus most of my energy on issues that I can really have an influence on. I stopped following newscasts of atrocities spun into deformity way before they reached me. My energy has been off the death-grid. Yet I know the usual suspects, and recognize their actions when I overhear or read international news. I hate what I see, but in my localized inability to have an effect on what goes on I've turned inward.

Yet, today, I've gone to the deep end and have read into every detail I have been able to find on the fall of MH17. I have done this for the past 12 hours. The emotional state induced by intensely following Twitter and big newscasters fucks me up even as I write this now. That's one motivation for writing this, a primary one: I want to get this feeling off my chest.

I have recognized what has happened in Ukraine the past few month. Familiar destabilization strategies, probably on many fronts. The front I am most worried about is Nato's. Their front is all about expansion of power and building US Hegemony. Russia has been sucked into furious information warfare that has had its rippled destabilizing effects in Finland, too.

Maybe that is the reason why I am so alarmed now, and have been furiously reading into MH17. Even though it does not hit home now, it will soon if Europe and its nation states don't open a serious dialogue with Russia. I believe Russian intelligence knows that Finland is highly compromised by Nato. I believe they have been very patient with Finnish leadership, maybe in part because the elected officials seem to work on a need to know basis.

As the MH17 started unraveling on the 18th, Finnish National Broadcasting Corporation YLE cast news about the Finnish customs having confiscated missile parts on their way to Ukraine. No word in our media, as far as I've been following it, has been thrown in to discuss the implications of this in relation to the crisis in Ukraine. What is discussed, and admittedly is quite shocking, is that our president found out from the News about the confiscation during this weekend, and not already in June when the confiscation took place. 

The main problem with trying to understand events on the national and particularly international stage is information warfare. Some information is worth spreading for some, some information is worthy as a secret to others. Decision makers know this. What is being played out before our eyes can be well understood by our leaders, in good and in bad, yet the rules of the game can sometimes lead to silence. I believe this is what is happening in regards to MH17 and Russia. From what I gather,

a) If "pro-Russian" "rebel" "separatists" shot down a civilian plane with Russian gear, they cannot have done it intentionally. That just does not make sense considering their situation, nor the situation Russia is in. The only reason why they would have done this is that the missile system, now guessed to be SA-11 / BUK M2, would have to have given them a signal that marked the plane as military, not civilian. It cannot be a "manual" mistake either, because the MH17 was flying high like commercial planes do, not low like military craft. The only reason why they would have mistaken MH17 for military craft is its signal. Was the plane's signaling system cracked? Did something send an interfering signal? Was there intel that said, don't trust the signal? The black boxes might reveal if the signal was tampered or unusual. The black boxes, as far as I know, are on their way to an international investigator. Still this morning the Finnish YLE had a Finnish military aviation expert on who said that the boxes would go to Moscow when found because of some international treaty that Ukraine and Russia belong to. Around 6PM today, some Russian news source I have followed stated the boxes are on their way to be investigated by international bodies, which to me is a sign of Russia's desire to have an international inquiry.

b) If Ukrainian "nationalists" or Ukrainian military shot down MH17, they can have done it intentionally. It would serve their propaganda interests. It would serve Nato's, the US's, and particularly Israel's interests as it is waging war in Gaza.

c) If Ukrainian "nationalists" or Ukrainian military shot down MH17, they might be victims of disinformation as well. Putin was reportedly returning from BRICS with only an hour or so difference to MH17 - they even crossed paths. Russian officials have said that Putin has not flown in Ukraine's airspace since the conflict started months ago. What if the "nationalists" did not know this, or had been informed otherwise, and assumed they were shooting down Putin's plane? This would put pressure on Russia to keep its silence before the international investigation is done. An assassination attempt on him would be a call for war. Russia does not want to get into war, because it knows that the war being cooked now in the Western media is a devastating effort to destabilize Europe and Russia, and further enforce US Hegemony.

I don't want to go into too much detail of what I've read during today and yesterday on MH17. Everything I think I know can be disinformation. It is even possible the plane was shot from air, and no missiles were shot from ground, making all of my above guesses obsolete. Yet what I do know, from following the comments of Western leaders and big newspapers today, is that we truly live in a world where no tragedy deserves justice. Disinformation, misinformation, outright propaganda is spawned around the net so quickly nobody will be able to make heads or tails of anything. If there was a true desire for peace and understanding, true compassion for the victims, the leaders of Europe and Russia would have come together. Now all we see is casting stones at Russia, with "US intelligence" in hand.

What I find most interesting about Twitter, which I have been using only for some months now, is that if you search an event by its tag and choose to see the results in order of time stamp and not popularity, you truly see how actively people are seeking the truth. When following tweets by time stamps today, it has been clear to me that people see the disinformation for what it is - or at least are paranoid over encountering it. Finns are relatively quiet in the internet, and the few of them who're passionate enough to write about these matters tend to see Russia in a demonized light. What I recognize as Nato's way of operating is often written off by Finns as Russian disinformation. Our main newspaper, Helsinigin Sanomat, pushes this view forward and plays in tone with US and Nato in each international crisis.

Generally, and historically, there is a blind spot for Nato in Finland. There is a blind spot for the US - maybe because for so long, for decades, our independence was shown to us as being dependent on the kindness of the US and the drunkenness of Soviet leaders. Jeltsin was no different, naturally. 

But in Putin's time, I can but wonder why we see him so negatively: if one understands the game intelligence agencies play, it is easy to understand the pain Putin goes through. Right now he might feel responsible for the horrible deaths of 298 civilians because of a Nato/US/Mossad plot. The Finnish media never discusses the destabilization attempts on Russian ground by the West. We don't understand that some of the parties we support create tensions that lead to actions by the government of Russia that we later condemn. It is sick, it is twisted, and the world leaders cannot be dumb enough not to notice it.

The only reason why Russia hasn't gone down yet is probably Putin, as a person. He was high up in the KGB, so he knows all the tactics used to destabilize, to probe, to disinform. But, most importantly, he knows how to play his hand. Nato has been expanding around Russia's Southern and Western borders for the past 20 or so years. Russia has kept their retaliations minimal. Yet in the same breath, I am not saying the Russians are perfect. Far from it. But considering Finland - our political atmosphere, our "Partnership for Peace" with Nato - it is remarkable that Russia has not retaliated. They frequently do cross to our airspace, though. This is a big annoyance for Finns and always makes the news here for days when it happens. In my twisted intel mind that might be a signal to our leaders, a sign like "Oh, passed some illegal armament through your customs again? Why don't we pass through your airspace..." A way to show "we know", rather than "show off" as it is often written off here.

What worries me is that the stakes are getting higher. 298 civilians are dead in an event that has literally traumatized the world. Russia is blamed as the culprit. Does this sound familiar? It does, and it is frightening. Nato clearly wants to build a war with Russia.

What I want is to somebody to stand up and start speaking the truth about what goes on. It is self-evident, and people deserve to have the information that can make them understand the situation. I am afraid that if we don't get it soon, the same spin will affect us, too. The media in Finland is already completely compromised, down to controlled opposition. If Nato wants to make the wheels turn, they will turn like they did in Ukraine. And the Finns will probably believe for a long time it is Russia driving the mayhem, as the international community will, no doubt.

I have opened the comments for this post, which I usually don't do here. I am open for dialogue in this matter - I encourage it.

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