21 January 2011

Every Iota

some time ago I sat on sofa with a form lost a decade ago, sofa placed to the darkest corner of the windowless downstairs of a club. next to me a group of kids had been quiet for a moment, and I guess that sparked the girl dressed all in black to try to wipe the floor with the speaker above her by throwing a joke in the air.

“you know how old people go and sit around in parks and feed pigeons with bread? or whatever birds. yeah they do that. and old people are much smarter than we are, they've been here longer and already know there's no point to try to rebel or whatever, so I guess some of them have come up with the best method to say fuck you you stupid kids with everything stupid you hold important. I throw your so called food to birds. they know how to metabolize it, and we don't. and boy do I know.”

and so the creatures of the night spread all over in confusion, a couple of them ending up after days of wandering to the national library, hiding behind thick selves during the early morning hours while studying a couple of books nicknamed as consciousness bibles. whispers were heard by no one.

“it says here that sleep laboratory studies have confirmed that lucid dreaming takes place during REM sleep, so when I can just spin off from an awaken state into a dream and remain conscious that's like a quantum leap, right?”
“girl, you're a bit more than an atom.” 
“more than the amount of my every iota.”
“besides, you see dreams in other phases of sleep, too. I'm reading about consciousness in regards to so called inner speech, and the guy is actually thinking, well hear this, consciousness partially consists of a silent running verbal commentary describing one's current perceptual, sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional experiences. this activity of talking to oneself in silence is called inner speech and it is part of the wider process of intrapersonal communication, which also includes mental imagery. inner speech occupies a significant portion of consciousness, as people report that approximately one fourth of their conscious waking life involves silent verbal thinking.” 
 “what, are most people most of the time in silent space? is it really silent in space?”

this internet has in the past hinted to the direction of a certain group of looters. these kids have a keen eye for every moment, and they work in the sphere of acceptable morality by only going treasure hunting to public parks after drunken fiestas and into abandoned real estate. abandoned real property, some say.

one thing that people like this sure know how to do is directing the excitement of finding a valuable into turning that valuable inside out. so, well, it doesn't really make sense that a leather handbag found from an abandoned decaying house in the middle of nowhere had old currency in it for a couple of months without its new owner never noticing. 

well, fuck sense. back in the library one more sentence was mumbled.

“I am going to find out whether dinosaurs were conscious or not.”

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