29 August 2010


helsinki helsinki helsinki helsinki helsinki helsinki

it was early am hours of last friday when two kids under psychosis were protected by a person not initiated to serve bureaucracy, but still existing as a heretic knowing how that creature works and how it dominates lost souls in eternal servitude, namely, the two police officers present

what really struck my mind was seeing this protector discussing with great knowledge about the law and its language, about the situation at hand, and even translating the words of these young police mediums to the psychotic kids. not an easy thing to do. I think it is fair to reveal that they were wrestling on the question of physical immunity, turned upside down in a way that it was impossible for these mediums to understand the bottom line - they said, that usually it is them who institute medical proceedings, not civilians themselves, and for this they did not know how to operate in the sphere of law

22 August 2010

Beat it like Einari

this is getting a little boring but, well, every time I end up following the worn streets of kallio helsinki finland, I also end up hearing old songs sung by tarred lungs

that's it - no one has loved me bona fide but you
for those eyes of yours could not have been anything but true

you told me you loved me two weeks ago on the phone
from your void in southern italy, living without a home

but I just broke your heart by slipping in evidence
of having begun to sleep with someone else 


 now I want to comb your hair
or just be close enough to share the same air

ok, you remembered my imagination is not that lazy
air, lol for air, I would give you a kiss that's extremely hazy

God: we have a pragmatic girl here who is oh so young
also known to work well as a human bong

a cat that has lived its life inside an apartment
you heard right, an apartment

usually grows up to become a childish pet, who satisfies its natural instincts, desires, whatever you want to call them, by mindlessly hunting a ball of paper hanging from an end of a string like it's the most interesting thing ever. like, actually seeming to believe that there's no human 'guiding hand' triggering his whims

and you humanity, are playing the same boring game

a cat grown in the wild is a beast. a proud one, doesn't need the attention or affection of idiots believing in ownership and sensual favors provided for it

but you dear human have lost this wildness which used to fuel your body
I'm so high here in the sky that it actually seems a bit funny

rich people couldn't even go out back in the day
when murderers were lurking in every alleyway

how did the murderers come into being, you ask
well, wild animals grow into self realization in order to outlast

think about being a wealthy man waaaay before your time. like 200+ years back. you could only hope that people would stay ignorant about your existence, about the luxury of your life in comparison to theirs. them wild animals in the forest who at any day could gather out of realizing that they could just loot and rape and eat you. that's why the girls of money did not get tanned. they couldn't really go out to the beach now could they

but now rarely do we see those burning eyes of life
and to use the force is just an old punch line
and it only took some conditioning
and television programming

oh wild cats
why are you just a team in a hockey match?

now the rich can be famous for they can be a breed of their own, protected with my eye. believe it, the eye of the law will always be on your back. believe it, and don't beat it like einari

18 August 2010


Satan: when I live beside a soul of a man
I make his life be one hell of a bedlam

as sovereign beings these souls are such fine caliber
whereas my possessions are easy to recognize for being bipolar

I like to make their lives demonically intense
until nothing makes, you guessed it, any damn sense

but hey, I never arrive uninvited
remember this when feeling defeated

16 August 2010

S. Longino

misty are the memories of all the dances danced
all the parties surfed through, streets run, kisses kissed

oh how I have loved to have a pair of legs

but now from the lords I ask, please
make me experience solitude as peace 

I know not to want but to treasure

life can be as intoxicating as the finest wine
but oh girl how do you from that god damn hungover survive?

in order to work toward my very own interests
all you I need to do is to make my ego shut up with its ramblings

all constrictions are in place just to hand over pieces for that poor construction
which was never to be nothing but an erection for penetrating the divinity of nature's constitution

so listen to your heart, kid
for the true law is sung like thisss

I created a mighty show
for us with all the might and knowledge
to observe from here below as from somewhere above

oh oh
see who can master the encephalon
to control the instincts and the body of an animal
which tools of survival are purely mechanical

oh oh oh
precious souls under the control of an ego
can you see the solution, my lover
lying in the depths of your ticker?

  oh oh oh oh
from birth to death is a long road to go
but rarely is there enough time to remember
what is your mission and true character

oh the heat of the night...

dance with your hands dear
program your brain not to feel fear

every soul which has taken an existence in this sphere is faced with he challenge of balancing, mastering and controlling the vehicle of experience. the heart is the lonely hunter. the only sin is throwing the keys from the window and driving with the autopilot on

what is the answer to chronic escapism, I've asked tonight. what has been the urge to run, to be on the move, to travel, to be the only thing you can really be - a tourist in life. when I look back, I see beauty in the memories but sense the feelings of despair that have never ceased to surface, not in any time or in any place. needed to sing a song in order to come to a realization of the origin of desperation. desire for peace and harmony is universal I bet, but peace and harmony will never be unless there exists an active striving for them. there is no place under the sun where the drive of the body machine shuts itself up automatically, letting the consciousness flow free

apparently it is necessary to exist hand in hand with the machine in order to exist as a human being. the responsibility and strength required is enormous, and when surfing the waves of internal space it is the most difficult task to tell one from the other - what is programmed mumble directed towards the survival of the machine itself and what is the song of the soul testing its capacity to realize itself in the most chaotic circumstances possible

need to find out what is love

is it part of the survival mechanism in some twisted way, like in creation and taking care of new vehicles of experience, or is there a divine origin? is it possible, that there is going on a game of “find your way to your soul buddy in a labyrinth of material existence?”

15 August 2010

Skies are White and Blue

after wandering in the summer rain
I see them poor kids shooting up cocaine

my children have many ways to look for divinity
the mother of those two shooting is trying it out through poetry

...and his soul is tied to mine
forever holding hands but in no thing called time

why do I feel like this now?
is it just the cocaine going down?

 what I wish to remind you today is
I created man in my image

these kids will suffer in the chaos of internal space
not being able to create themselves in the image of the original goddess

a man cannot really exist as a sovereign being
without a consciousness in a form in which it is able to reign

no shortcuts have ever lead the way to a true realization
like when not remembering a dream for the absence of the web of association

10 August 2010


may the dyslexic see people

and from porvoo to kallio we go,
and stay

06 August 2010


God: the greatest expa for consciousness is to experience existence within that which cannot be proven to exist at all

I know for a certainty that the brain chemistry of a young woman played a couple of rounds of yahtzee in the last drum'n'bass mayhem of redrum

diced out of what was to what is

so maybe this has caused all them vivid dreams which have effected her physique as well - shaking'n'trembling in all vulgarity imaginable. ecstatically high moments as the princess of a lost kingdom, traveling to safety from them prosecutors (also dragons), down to crying in panic for a world where you get whipped by fat ugly crazy suburban nerds

having the experience of catatonic psychosis in a dream is something we all should envy within the paradigm which sees dreams as something which prepares us for living

Surveillance: I don't know about this brain chemistry you point to. on my opinion that which led to these lucid visions was, ironically when considering few statements made by this femme of ours in regards to a reverie of hers, a black man. as far as I recorded, it seemed as if the palm of hers in the eyes of his gave too much meaning to some of them very ego driven views upon her existence, which we share of course

for why else all this reporting?

God: I have never thought about it, like, that me the creator, observer and dominator of all would just be a construct of an ego trying to support its very existence, in the field of justifications, reasoning, whatever...

I also make things epic

and you, dear Surveillance, would then be just a fantasy of a lonely being dying to be noticed by something powerful in the most sinister way. or was that your role, Satan?

Satan: them egos usually think of themselves as being worthy of my attention as my equals. poor computer programs which seem to believe that if we would happen to sit in the same table, they could buy me a drink and throw in a high five and all would be well

these are the kinds who secretly think of life as if lived in hell, where supposedly I reign. the grim darkness of their sense of life makes them believe I love them for within their cultural paradigm I am just like them. when in reality I just like to work on my tan and occasionally am invoked to participate in a dialogue like this

but I genuinely do want to contribute on your analysis
and to be honest, there in that ciggie booth I enjoeyd the precence of lilith

God: interestinly enough in regards to them reveries, Carl?

Carl G Jung: lilith was adam's first wife, a particularly evil creature because she didn't want to have children, and later on became a sort of child-eating monster

Surveillance: definitely saw something of a child-eating monster sort, for why else would a young woman make a big confident man stutter were it not for... oh wait, gotta lol this up, Mike?

Mike Tyson: my style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat your children. praise to be Allah
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