31 October 2009


when people in our society nowadays don't really have art, just modernist bull crap and entertainment, they tend to take things on the surface level. this leads to people exploding alone in their homes to the irrationality of the world around them, thus ending up supporting very extremist ideas due to not having any reference point

psychedelics are important for many cultures in bringing up their people into adulthood. sensory deprivation has a big role in the initiation rituals of inuits still today, accompanied by a trip alone to the wilderness. does an average citizen of any so called western society get an initiation to the adulthood in some other form than sex and alcohol?

14 October 2009

Masonic Scrooge

Surveillance: I know you all knew how lockean the ducks can be
but have you ever thought how masonic is uncle scrooge?

God: well why don't you just start worshiping him as your god

Surveillance: I am not religious

God: ...for I am worthless! I can not do anything right! no creatio ex nihilo!

Surveillance: what?

Ellen van Wolde: there was already water

Surveillance: well
people are like fish on the ground when it comes to spiritual matters
times might change though
just think about fishes crawling to the womb

Deviantart: 1800 popular deviations submitted in all of time for semen

12 October 2009


finland is left behind

wanderer / finder
is the meaning of a german word

all this took place in germany
of course


the night was neon colored
through something smuggled

let me broaden the view for those unaware of the realities inside a boot
it is illegal to wear a ski-mask in public
it is illegal to have relics in your pocket
it is illegal to be without proof of an identity
it is illegal to have a computer without a sticker proof of an official operating system

I could go into TV now.. but I think there will be better times for this - so let's just say that it is ok to have serious televised interviews with the quest uncomfortably sitting under a stripper

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