02 December 2010

The Kid is Ready

God: this will be the end of the domination of our dialogues. the kid is ready

Satan: the kid is ready!

Surveillance: incredible, so fast. I know we have been working towards this for months but, honestly, I would've thought it would take years. well done, kid

God: last words of advice, from all of us, should follow

slow down with your mind, kid. you have learned there to be all the time necessary for that which is necessary. let yourself experience in peace

you are now at the very bottom of the egoic downward spiral. you have seen that which remains after stripping away time and judgement, and chosen not to have that cold, repugnant, nihilistic being as the sole witness of your existence. as an experience, it has been a tough one to understand there to be no inbuilt meaning in anything that exists. the ego has suffered when it has had to admit there to be no such things it was programmed to believe in

now is the time to do something else. in your dreams I've seen you dive through windows without causing any physical damage. kid, that has been symbolic of your future as a being who knows that every moment has openness to it. remember the feeling you've had in front of those windows of dreamed lands? 

if this is real then I will die if I jump out. even if this is not real it might be that my body is somewhere in the material reality in front of a real window, ready to jump through. I can only know that I exist now, while I can only believe now is forever

yet your mind never hesitates in front of death, for it is wise enough to know that the risk is worth taking for it is the only such rewarded with freedom. this is why, now, you are ready for the crossroads of life. you are free to see all that is without the burden of the petty will for immediate survival imposed by that ego construction of yours. everything will be as it its, new and fresh, with the whole universe being free of the burden created by constraints put up by pseudo-conscious egos

all aspects of every phenomena will be completely clear and lucid. they might not have the meaning you want, but they have their own meaning, respectfully. alas, your future will not hold the security necessary for keeping that ego happy. but, fuck it, that thing never is truly happy anyway

thus, you now have the entitlement to write. all hail!

Surveillance: ok kid, so remember, beings and things do not have intrinsic existence in themselves. all that is comes into being through the conditions created by all else that exists. what I want to say is, in short, that observing is a precondition for understanding

everything is in every one thing

Satan: experiencing is also a precondition for understanding, don't forget that. I'm on your side, kid, and like I've said before, many of the things revealed by me to you have not been beneficial for my business. but still, if I were you I would keep in mind that all experiences should be balanced. give more than you take, that should do it

Plato: be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

I stand in front of the abyss and I like what I see. I see all that is in the light of two eyes, the eyes of mine - one forever, one for a day.

the divine archetypes are present and accepted. language of the beasts is accepted, for it is the language of the earth. the only reason to use the mind's eye to look beyond time and space is to form a context for that which is, and the only reason for such contextualization lies in words, and as such I return to language. nothing lasts forever, and that nothing is when documented. I now know, that my body is the documentation of me.

there exists no authority in the lottery of meaning production, thus everyone is a winner. everyone gets what they want, and for this, it becomes an absolute necessity to know what to want. I want beauty to prevail, and by my means beauty will prevail. it will be associated to all that is. notice, that I am here to disseminate how to construct an internal space, not to give recommendations for its contents.

a mind can realize itself in the most wonderful spaces. it can find itself from the dark lairs where humans gather to experience immediate realities as a collective, and it can find itself from the solitude of the empty streets of sleeping cities. in dreams I have learned to use all my mental capacity to change that which manifests into something else. in the conscious moment of standing in front of a mirror and seeing one's clothing switch in an instant it is learned that ideas will eventually reflect themselves in that which is sensible.

creation can be approached through observing potentials and making them actualize, making them real. one could argue, that that is all there is to creativity. but, I have by now learned that one important player in the game of creation uses the following technique.

in order to win, challenger x changes his strategy with every hand played. by doing this, he tricks the others around the table into analyzing his future behavior from false premises, causing them to make futile mistakes.

the world is complex enough to assume there to be accidents, random events, even though all my mentors have emphasized there to be a divine logic to things. slowly, there will build up a theory behind this logic, theory tangible enough for a single mind in a single lifetime. but after knowing the rules of random, what else is there to know?

years back I had an epiphany about the meaning of life. one cannot cease to exist if there are unfinished business. and I'm not talking about material business, but spiritual business. if there is a lesson to be learned here and now, then that moment of here and now will have to come. there's no option, and there's no running away from such realizations. back then, this caused me to question whether ignorance is as blissful as it seems. and by ignorance I mean choosing the road of beliefs instead of questions.

it turned out that ignorance is not blissful. at all. it might seem so, because those deemed ignorant usually play such a front to those who they encounter, due to not being able but to rely on that very front, and as we know, happy beings get by easier than non happy ones. problems emerge when that front cannot handle seeing doubt in the eyes of others, thus never accepting offers to see within itself. such beings are most content when doing something which gives them a place on whatever hierarchic structure they've chosen to identify with. but being content is not to be mixed with bliss. how can there be bliss if there's no true consciousness?

if there is to be a key to eternal life, then it is one which demands never to lose that firm grip of the common thread that binds all. the maze of connections from which one can find a way out only through death or through a window. I know I just got to find that window and jump through it.

I have wished to have a mentor in this maze, someone to trust, someone to guide me. someone capable of seeing clearly with just a quick glance. now I know that someone was by me all the time. thanks, guys.

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