09 December 2010

AM Hours

an insomniac antisocial self destructive vampire, speaking. there is no feeling more smug than the one brought up by being buried under clean sheets and extra pillows, on a bed leaning to a radiator upon which a window opens to a street busy with busy people. one must have done something right in the past to experience absolute laziness during pm hours. 

daylight time has always been defined with eyes ready to close at any given moment. how can one be such that whatever pm hour is appropriate to close those eyes and fall asleep, with ease? all acceptable explanations are coo coo.

blame the moon. blame other people for being such energy suckers while awake, thus reversely corresponding to incubi and succubi. blame numerology. blame light. a namesake of mine hit the hammer with a nail today or something. she said pm hours draw one to sleep for being so boring. life being too boring.

these am hours at hand are nonexistent. there's nothing to do, thus no expectations. if I try to close my eyes they just pop wide open as if that was the most comfortable position for them there is. an hour ago, back at three am, I thought about going out, about walking, maybe even to see if the ocean is already covered with ice. give me a comrade for these sleepless nights, and I will go.

this when of am hours is accompanied by where of 247 zone. at this part of the main street of helsinki, some three kilometers from the center, there's a 247 pharmacist,  247 dentist, 247 supermarket and 247 mcdonalds in between two 247 gas stations, located at an approximate distance of a kilometer from each other.

a couple of years back I was suffering from a literal heartburn at two am, and decided to try out the above mentioned pharmacist. it was late spring or early summer as far as I remember, and boy was I surprised to end up queuing at am hours. at night you cannot go and do your shopping by yourself, but there's receptionists picking up what you want behind the same counter you normally ask for prescription meds from. thus I easily eavesdropped others in such hours being after snake poison and vitamins. 

last sunday, after 5 am, I took a half an hour walk from the very beginning of the main street in the center to return home. I sang all the way and told stories to myself, and maybe that's why I didn't remember the potentials provided by this zone but before seeing a cab waiting on a sidewalk across the street from the 247 supermarket. I wasn't really hungry or thirsty or in the need of anything, but the idea of doing some shopping at that hour pleased me enough to cross the street. I bought two croissants and a packet of salami. on my way out I noticed three cabs right outside, waiting for their drunken customers to return with whatever.

during am hours it is easy to play king of the world. and mind you, king of the world would never bathe his brain in a solvent.

am hours am hours
I am completely yours

time seems not to interfere with space
where I'm used to seeing your beautiful face

these precious hours are without humane ruckus
my heart's longing cannot be called a brief hiatus

am hours am hours
they used to be all ours

I love space devoid of fellow men
hope you recall it in your opium den

there are many secret places delighted with at least one am visit
remember my villa by the ocean, or my tank with a swastika on it?

am hours am hours
oh how my heart flowers

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