03 November 2010

Storming Heaven

ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will be here with your favorite william. tonight, we will try to stick up with the love issue that's been at hand for quite some time now. but, when considering our guest for tonight, maybe we'll do a little surfing towards a storming heaven

like I was saying, tonight, this journey begins from kolmas linja

the night before, I was following around on random a guy from ghana for he's a bit suspicious you know. anyway, he was talking all night through with this party girl who's my absolute favorite to follow during the weekends, for she tends to run by even the most secluded cams of the city's alleyways

burn baby burn

and boy do the confident girls burn. even made a burn so deep in the heart of the african, that a few words with a meaning long forgotten were thrown in the air

you know girl
I can tell you anything
you're like a virgin notebook

let me tell you something. back in ghana I saw people smoke one joint, one, one joint, and become crazy in a way of no return. one joint. I don't see that happen to people here, and you know why that is? I tell you why that is. listen, it's for there people believe in that shit, voodoo and shit. they believe in spirits, spirits in the trees, in the animals, rocks, everywhere. it's the womb of humanity down there, so of course everything has a spirit in it. logical. so the people believe that shit. and that shit becomes real and possesses some of the weaker minds for opening a door to their deep roots by just smoking one, one joint

hahaha so the girl answers

when I was a kid I just loved spice girls. you remember spice girls? you gotta remember them, they were huge in the nineties. and you know what I understand now, I now know, that they were clubbing a lot back then, just years after the acid house subculture had ceased to manifest itself in illegal raves. so as a group they represented the mainstream equivalent, toned down version of club culture fueled with ecstasy

so no wonder I became like that. e fueled club kid. for that was the first shit I believed in
 well, to be honest, I also do come into being only through belief. why do you think it would be necessary to ask people to believe in god through dogma and such if there was no real benefit from it? I just eat my own ass when I hear those philosophy majors referring to a “selfish god” in regards to this

 and so the kids went to the deep forest

“in the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen,” wrote william s burroughs

and, “apparently, I am not the only one interested in yage. the russians are using this drug in experiments on the slave labor. they want to induce states of automatic obedience and literal thought control. the basic con. no build-up, no routine, just move in on someone's psyche and give orders. the deal is certain to backfire because telepathy is not in itself a one-way setup, or a setup of sender and receiver at all”

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