18 June 2014


On this day, 18th of June 2014, I made a meditation to reclaim my soul. Lost long ago, it was the missing ingredient from one more enlightenment.

Filled with light, the final thought, the one logical act, was to circulate the ether's hues around the planet we are on, cleansing the supposition that any inattentive intention or thought has value.

This has now changed. The kids are allowed to be kids. Without the understanding to see beyond one-dimensional being, no deals with higher beings can be made. This is a change in rules brought up by the West, particularly by certain music industry, which purports a myth with fame laying at the end of the its rainbow. This is a lie. From now on, only those who know it is a lie can make the decision to walk down that road.
Selling one's soul is a process begun with a promise to do whatever in the pursuit of a goal - any goal. This premise drives man's consciousness to overlook many things during the pursuit of that goal. He might overlook abuse, frauds, environmental crimes, and worst of all: crossings of his own morals.

As if by giving your soul away no consequences could be laid on you by the atrocities you overlook. As if!

Everything is in every thing. The psychological dimensions of man are com-parable to great man-made myths. Our dreams and visions are com-parable to our mental constructs. We can't cheat these mechanisms to our favor by lying to ourselves. Not even in writing.
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