26 June 2014

A dream

I saw a dream in which I was traveling. I came to stay in a multi-storey hostel, located in an old building somewhere in the Baltics. I had a lot of luggage and a loved one as a traveling companion. I took her to our room with some luggage, and returned with a modernized elevator to the ground floor to pick up more luggage.

Downstairs, a crazed woman was trying to get into the hostel. She tried to attack me, dazed with a lunatic desire to get into the building. Violently and with devastating effort, I threw her out without managing to lock the front door.

I grabbed some of the luggage (there was a ridiculous excess of it), and closed myself into the elevator. Shocked from the attack, I couldn’t remember what floor our room was in and pressed multiple floor-buttons. The elevator started moving, and it went past the fifth floor which I was pretty sure our room was in. As it reached the seventh, the outside door of the elevator shaft opened to reveal a track for the elevator cabin to continue inside into the floor itself. Automatically, the elevator did so, taking me into a dimly lit apartment decorated with hard, dark wood. Approaching a lit room, the elevator stopped at its door.

Inside the room were tables set to form a huge square, alongside of which people sat in dark suits and evening gowns. Some wore eloquent head-pieces, some wore masks. Nobody paid particular attention to me when I entered. People were conversing loudly with those close to them. I walked around the tables to the other side of the room and took a seat by the speaker’s post, empty at that time.

More people kept coming into the room, some of them passing between my seat and a bookshelf-filled wall. I noticed a man in a lighter colored suit that did not quite fit him approaching. When our eyes met, I realized he was a monkey of some sort - orange-haired but with chimpanzee-like facial features. As he came to pass me, we spontaneously hugged and I sunk my head into his chest. In an instant a comprehension of what was going on flooded me.

The room of the drunken, dressed-up crowd was a place where guidelines of the future were being decided. Yet the crowd was clearly inept to make rational decisions. The air the people in the room gave was of inconsideration, and a weird, egoistic malevolence. As I felt the monkey’s presence, I realized that the reason he was there, all dressed-up, was not of his own choosing. He was there to represent himself in this crowd of dressed-up-fools, most of which had no idea why they were there or simply did not care for the consequences of their presence and apparent willingness to serve the irrational scene in continuous unravel. 

I cried, and felt his pain over having to dress-up for this weird foolery that was not aligned with the silent compassion and love we come from.
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