17 July 2012

Send for no body

mixture of love and guilt weighs heavy in the chest of a woman standing in time. the wind of the aether runs through her long blond hair as she gazes around, looking for the point from which to bring change. inside everything that is she sees into an eve. a sigh, and she walks onto a porch by a house on a steep hill to drink kava.

the sun has just set and the conversation at hand has an air of rigidness around it. chained in the moment, she assumes herself seen from the future with bitterness. wrong. content in the corner of my eyes, I can feel the full moon that's about to rise over the hill faced. immersed in the scenery I am.

my heart throbs, and I have to get up to feel the damp grass underneath her feet. the cicadas croon, and from the bottom of the misty valley I can hear a mooing cow. the full moon is looking straight at us as she stands on the steep wall of grass, letting it support her heels in a way that effects the position of her spine. her vertebrae settle to the form of jinn.

confused and unable to remember what I came here to do, I sit down on the grass and feel it. the growth of a continent lost in time, I think, and breath out content.

not a soul sits next to me, and the content enters his lungs too. I try to think of words to say but nothing feels appropriate. the wind of the night runs through my hair and I give in to smiling and repeating, 

“I don't know.”

following the guide of my right hand I dance back into the aether and leave her to spread as light in every speck of time. running my index finger in circles over my left palm, I realize in helsinki again. it has rained on and off for days. the air feels the same as it did years ago, around the time when the project of documenting it was completed.

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