23 July 2012


 welcome, dear sweethearts
 of soft flesh and diamond bones

 never mind, never ever mind
tickers tick tick tick in hues of gold

here's one - a peer to peer server transferring chains of sounds to fluid movement. the energy traveling through the aether in waves becomes visible, again and again and again...

I was once dancing deep underground when everything turned blue in my perception. it was nothing like wearing tinted glasses. it was more like my brain interpreting all sensory data as blue. amazingly enough, that mode of perception was sustainable while dancing. as the techno licked my spine everything tangible disappeared and there was I as the immutable hue.

in the past months I've occasionally remembered exactly a set of sounds played by boys noize in rome late january this year. it rings in the back of my head as a few seconds flashback into the moment I gathered all the energy around that warehouse in eur and sent it off to the aether. I saw everything in two for hours, but it mattered as little in relation to my self control as did the hue of perfect blue.

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