05 March 2012

Promise me

“promise me that you won't die until you die”
said a mother to her only son on the moment
of divergence or then maybe fiction really is
just fiction and that scene was depicted from
some internal lands and not from real deserts
in somewhere south america which might as
well exist or not because all that really turns
the wheels of my drive is the narration in its
totality and if anyone knows it to be a great
achievement to write a coherent story that's
more than its parts then that someone is me
who am torturing myself by reading as if it
was my first time realizing letters to words

anyway  those words of wisdom
rang a bell that took my mind to
an old note found in between the
pages of a book about kgb three
days ago and I remembered how
I wrote it in pure  bewilderment
over a friend who hit his head or
something on his  thirtieth b-day
and was never again  the magical
being I got to know by heart then
when we were both  blessed fools
during a  summer seven years ago
and now that said I must conclude
him to be everything but unique in
being a dead man among us living

I know it has been a year
since I last  heard a thing
from you and by god it is
nearly two years since we
had our final meeting and
to be honest I cannot even
remember  the details  like
what was said or where we
were though we were close
to the home of sergio leone
in space  but not in time so
here we are now and I just
ramble like a madman and
could I please put my hand
in yours for my trembling's
asking for soothing warmth

promise me that
I will see you in
infinity as it has
been re-defined
in the past days
and promise me
to keep in mind
how what I call
transcendence is
inherent in each
pebble  one can
turn on the way
from here to no
other where but
sweet  nowhere
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