17 March 2012


some say judging a person doesn't define who they are, but who you are. the human mind is an interesting charade to possess - in my experience, nine out of ten times when a person is criticizing another, what they really are attacking against is a part of themselves. why? because the way we direct our attention defines who we are.

I have hinted at this, but never before have I elaborated what I mean by the mk paradigm serving to distract people from studying and implementing occult knowledge in their own lives. I have openly stated this before and I still have no shame in saying that I have a background in satanism. philosophical satanism – anti-dogmatic, anti-guru, self-serving, openly occult and obscure. now, looking back to it, I still have nothing bad as such to say about the philosophical scope of it. yet, what the media spin did for the whole movement, and how twentieth century satanism was packaged for wider consumption, tells a grimmer story.

once occult knowledge of the energetic workings of the world began to be more easily distributable, through opening societies and the easing of publishing, those who are for obscurity (and in part, I still am) wished to dim the image for those outside the know. masking knowledge that can be used by a responsible individual for the benefit of himself and others, to a black robe and horns served well to distract those who were not serious and fearless in front of gnosis, while attracting those who were but were also dumb enough to go for the exoteric, dogmatic view provided. these are the kids who take seriously the advice to celebrate the new year's eve by drinking booze mixed with sperm and blood, as one notorious finnish occultist advised way back when. oh the fools who comply...

anyway. it appears to me that after the revolution of the internet, which in short meant that all the bits and pieces of gnosis splintered through all man-made systems of thought became to be just a google search away, the obscuring forces stepped up their game. I am not saying that this is all the mk paradigm is for. what I am saying is that as such, it serves more than just geopolitical purposes - it serves as a distraction for many in the face of gnosis. when something becomes associated in the minds of seekers to mk, it is automatically perceived as evil.

the way people use knowledge defines who they are. a fool will manage to find a way to hurt himself and others with practically anything, while a wise man finds a way to turn any knowledge for the benefit of himself and others.

obscurity is necessary, because no man holds the keys to the gates of gnosis. we all know but bits and pieces. what really defines reality is only accessible through direct experience, and no words are ever enough to describe mystical experiences. that's just how it is and will always be, unless our language evolves to a point now unimaginable.

do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law is true. already christ is coined as having said everything has an exoteric as well as an esoteric level, and the same applies to the above quote. the exoteric level is simply do what you want, which, of course, is faulty. as we all know the majority of those things that we apparently want are nothing but whims implemented on our minds from outside. the esoteric level speaks for finding one's true will, the individual purpose for which one came into being in the first place. which, naturally, is different for me and different for you.

life is composed of both creative and destructive forces, and the point and challenge for the existence of consciousness is to strive for the balancing of those two forces, both on an individual and societal level. if you do not know your true will, you're bound to whims stemming from outside of yourself, ending up serving a role in this pursuit for balance that remains unconscious. in short, you're nothing but a tool for the will of someone else.

there exists a death cult as a force of destruction in this world. yet, simultaneously, a cult of creation raves around, a cult which serves to empower and protect all life. do you use your energies to serve the former or the latter? whose will are you realizing – your own true will, or that which is imposed on you from the external reality?

turning to true selfishness, meaning the finding of your true will and beginning to serve it, is the only answer for a deficiency in character that often serves nothing but the death cult.

happy bacchanalia everyone!

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