04 July 2011


this week started with poems exchanged via email

everything's blurry
since last night waking up to an aching need to pee
i even fell to the bushes during my crouch
head boiling with fever
trying to create
cause I know i can create
where is it
something like a stupid fever can take it away
when it's needed
but you cannot force, i know
but today, just a moment ago
i opened my e-mail and
there it was
a reply i didn't expect
cause sometimes i'm a total fucking pessimist
who doesn't believe that anything will ever happen
but there is now a mail that broke the agony
she liked my mail
and she'd like us to come
to her wooden little house

love you, maybe no work will be done but i'll just put up pictures of a nigga bob

> > > > >

pessimism leads nowhere
the decision is to bang your head to the wall
or let the wall bang your head - and laugh!

I know you're into absurdity, babe

you will rule any little house
be the divine mother of fire and wood
I can already see myself sleeping on your floor

I am sitting at the office
have had dreams of love in the past two nights
please tell me they are real?

no matter how tough the shit gets
you have the biggest balls I've seen
and I bet the past winter made you stronger

I love you for you know how I really am
unlike many others who only see a shadow
like they see the ghost you've turned into

and I know better, too!
you are the ghost
roaming in our forests
but when you return among men
you will again prevail as the lion king

nigga nigga nigga - boooooob!

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