10 June 2011


“really? I have known her since she was sixteen and I know she is hard to get. she is the only woman I have ever met with these qualities outside of any given syndicate - she is extremely loyal, extremely polite and extremely bold. if you have the balls to pick her up, go ahead.”
“yeah I'd like to see you try. from all the years I've known her I've never seen anyone pick her up.”
“I am not going to try to. we are just friends. I just wanted to know what you two think of her.”
“she is the craziest person you will ever know, and in the most twisted possible way she is the most sane. she is like the best of drivers - her whole being gives you no option but to trust her completely from the depths of your heart while wrestling with a mind trembling in fear. fear? we are naturally afraid of everything unknown, and how could anyone of us claim that we know it to be more than an illusion that she is in total control?”
“aaah! that's it. no need to go on anymore. words from here on would only do harm, because the idea of total control contradicts everything we wish to assume.”

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