15 February 2011

Dear bacchus

unable to think straight, but enough stubborn
to try to write a sentence, no matter how random

dear bacchus,

I have loved to run with you in the fields of time. the rules of irrationality are felt in their most coherent possible way when you become embodied in space. a glass of wine, and you're there.

you know I'm not speaking in behalf of intoxication here. that's too extreme for me. a little bit of alteration works just fine. and when speaking about wine, it was never meant to cure thirst, it was to be tasted. took a long time and effort from willing men to develop wine to a point of being a whole variety more than mere vinegar.

in order to enjoy those precious juices, one has to have will enough to settle for a savor of embodied intoxication and not to become consumed by it. though you like to eat pie, right?

I couldn't be more happy with the balance we've achieved. everything feeds itself with more of itself, I've come to notice, and that's why things tend to become worse or better in time while following their destined position, one which is acquired simply by being biased. balance lies in the will.

to make this even more simple, for some, balance between men lies in the will. think about it. equality is not an automation, but a result of prioritizing. what is the deepest value within you that's shared by you and everyone else? could ask that from anyone, but I know you will answer it to be something related to the nature of being conscious. in various ways.

I wish I had time to write to you about escapism and all the things I've realized in regards to it and you and us, but, I might really have nothing to say but ramble which will be hammered down by a reply to a question concerning some new fields to run in whilst “dropping out.”

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