06 August 2010


God: the greatest expa for consciousness is to experience existence within that which cannot be proven to exist at all

I know for a certainty that the brain chemistry of a young woman played a couple of rounds of yahtzee in the last drum'n'bass mayhem of redrum

diced out of what was to what is

so maybe this has caused all them vivid dreams which have effected her physique as well - shaking'n'trembling in all vulgarity imaginable. ecstatically high moments as the princess of a lost kingdom, traveling to safety from them prosecutors (also dragons), down to crying in panic for a world where you get whipped by fat ugly crazy suburban nerds

having the experience of catatonic psychosis in a dream is something we all should envy within the paradigm which sees dreams as something which prepares us for living

Surveillance: I don't know about this brain chemistry you point to. on my opinion that which led to these lucid visions was, ironically when considering few statements made by this femme of ours in regards to a reverie of hers, a black man. as far as I recorded, it seemed as if the palm of hers in the eyes of his gave too much meaning to some of them very ego driven views upon her existence, which we share of course

for why else all this reporting?

God: I have never thought about it, like, that me the creator, observer and dominator of all would just be a construct of an ego trying to support its very existence, in the field of justifications, reasoning, whatever...

I also make things epic

and you, dear Surveillance, would then be just a fantasy of a lonely being dying to be noticed by something powerful in the most sinister way. or was that your role, Satan?

Satan: them egos usually think of themselves as being worthy of my attention as my equals. poor computer programs which seem to believe that if we would happen to sit in the same table, they could buy me a drink and throw in a high five and all would be well

these are the kinds who secretly think of life as if lived in hell, where supposedly I reign. the grim darkness of their sense of life makes them believe I love them for within their cultural paradigm I am just like them. when in reality I just like to work on my tan and occasionally am invoked to participate in a dialogue like this

but I genuinely do want to contribute on your analysis
and to be honest, there in that ciggie booth I enjoeyd the precence of lilith

God: interestinly enough in regards to them reveries, Carl?

Carl G Jung: lilith was adam's first wife, a particularly evil creature because she didn't want to have children, and later on became a sort of child-eating monster

Surveillance: definitely saw something of a child-eating monster sort, for why else would a young woman make a big confident man stutter were it not for... oh wait, gotta lol this up, Mike?

Mike Tyson: my style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat your children. praise to be Allah
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