22 August 2010

Beat it like Einari

this is getting a little boring but, well, every time I end up following the worn streets of kallio helsinki finland, I also end up hearing old songs sung by tarred lungs

that's it - no one has loved me bona fide but you
for those eyes of yours could not have been anything but true

you told me you loved me two weeks ago on the phone
from your void in southern italy, living without a home

but I just broke your heart by slipping in evidence
of having begun to sleep with someone else 


 now I want to comb your hair
or just be close enough to share the same air

ok, you remembered my imagination is not that lazy
air, lol for air, I would give you a kiss that's extremely hazy

God: we have a pragmatic girl here who is oh so young
also known to work well as a human bong

a cat that has lived its life inside an apartment
you heard right, an apartment

usually grows up to become a childish pet, who satisfies its natural instincts, desires, whatever you want to call them, by mindlessly hunting a ball of paper hanging from an end of a string like it's the most interesting thing ever. like, actually seeming to believe that there's no human 'guiding hand' triggering his whims

and you humanity, are playing the same boring game

a cat grown in the wild is a beast. a proud one, doesn't need the attention or affection of idiots believing in ownership and sensual favors provided for it

but you dear human have lost this wildness which used to fuel your body
I'm so high here in the sky that it actually seems a bit funny

rich people couldn't even go out back in the day
when murderers were lurking in every alleyway

how did the murderers come into being, you ask
well, wild animals grow into self realization in order to outlast

think about being a wealthy man waaaay before your time. like 200+ years back. you could only hope that people would stay ignorant about your existence, about the luxury of your life in comparison to theirs. them wild animals in the forest who at any day could gather out of realizing that they could just loot and rape and eat you. that's why the girls of money did not get tanned. they couldn't really go out to the beach now could they

but now rarely do we see those burning eyes of life
and to use the force is just an old punch line
and it only took some conditioning
and television programming

oh wild cats
why are you just a team in a hockey match?

now the rich can be famous for they can be a breed of their own, protected with my eye. believe it, the eye of the law will always be on your back. believe it, and don't beat it like einari

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