22 March 2009

Palm over Stove

Surveillance: who cares this was a friday with a number
for today, helsinki bathed in sun

one sign of spring my friends:
and then could we again say
see you at the duck tape balancing rasta superman


God: long long time ago
like, enough of a time to say
'the past'
I was
in the company of children

their logic got into me for I indeed was one of them
so one day I pondered over a problem

my fingertips have a surface made out of patterns
with dark valleys and luminous mountaintops

I've already 'felt' why it is not good to place my palm over the stove
over that I've cried as if there were apologies I owe!

but yet again this day
I look at my hand, zoom to my index fingertip
I lock my eyes into evidence: the very end of the circles
how they go into an end but still keep on going!
then the stove

for in the middle of it's black'n'perfect lines
the same happens: the very ends meet but still keep on going!

for the last time of my existence I did it: placed the two matching objects in my life together
palm and a hot stove, lol for the logic
but at the same time, finally, learned:
not every association
is worth an action

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