27 March 2009

No sea have I ever seen

Surveillance: today i saw a young girl promise
to a man

i'll make a poem about pirates!

later she sung:

in my life

no sea have I ever seen
pirates only exist in a tv screen

but boy oh boy oh boy
northern suburbs too sing 'ahoy'

these singers hide the wooden legs so well
that never could we their true nature easily tell!

no, not speaking about
the warriors for the freedom of sharing
through a bay
or some really random association to

but just people with a mother tongue which somehow requires present tense for 'wanting' in order to talk about the future

God: my personal associative skill goes way beyond sense today dear Surveillance. for now my inner spectrum joints these 'somali people' to a very far other end from where the buddhists with their cool capes stand

Surveillance: and we can definitely talk about scum of the earth when we see without a cape running but kinda thinking buddha was right and all -hippienob with a pirate like above described sitting together in a bar drinking cheap and literally raw beer

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