29 May 2012

Foul soul

freedom is a state of existence without any bonds tying the mind to the past or the future. we live in the same body as did our past mini-mes, anticipating those yet to come. the body is like a giant intersection where time moves to all directions. now, transcending that...


traffic jams and we all fall to the moment now. everything is immediate and slow, and time flows as we want it to flow. 

lately I've come to realize that the excess of horror movies and stories by lovecraft, kafka and poe form a chain of cathartic experiences of fear. memories of millenial times and fearless hide and seek in forests lit by the midnight sun have passed my mind. even ghosts can't scare me.

hand of fatima on my shoulder, I wish for strength and justice for all - a fair enough description of love.

some days ago I laid on the grass of an island I often go to read. next to me was a family of five, having a picnic. I have probably never had such foul thoughts of others as I did in the hour or two of our shared lawn time. the youngest of the family was about two years old. having an adult body as a measure of reaction to a can of coca cola I doubt it to be a smart thing to hand one to someone who learned to walk a month ago. if I had had my camera with me the image would have been the shock-add of the week. a toddler dressed in pink pouring coke on her face straight from the can, in the evening sun setting behind the skyline of the northern shore of historical helsinki.

yes, the foul thoughts returned to me like a boomerang. for the next half an hour or so the drooling child continuously came to stand above the book I was reading, looking me in the eye with all her empty excitement.

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