07 March 2011

Cheat 4 Chaos

greetings. this message is written from a world which possesses the power to put whatever, like food, gold, sacrificial animals, or men, into a vehicle delivering them to be burned by the sun. we've developed this far thanks to irresponsibility stemming from a culture based on such things as division of labor. 

hierarchy makes responsible behavior obsolete. there's always someone to take care of a problem, any problem. so it is thought, and we've become damn passive while the solutions have gotten more and more grim. 

we've cheated to make this all happen. cheated. results of this cheat are in my face day and night. a nightmare with an underlying feel of deep pain, probably arising from the fact I can never be free here. how could I be free when I am one of them responsible for the existence of this... chaos?

I know what you want me to do for them kids who have yet to step into these damn footprints. I've known it my whole life and I promise to ride the tiger until my deed is done. 

in this world there are a few of us, warriors, to still take on the noblest quest within: war for truth. when it is fought and won, we grow ready to begin the external war. from not experiencing it, I know nothing about it. yet.
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