11 October 2010

Sex Sex Sex

Mark: I want to sell my soul. where do I sign?

God: let me tell you something about souls. a soul is not an asset. yes, everyone has the equal potential to have a soul. popular culture, I include religion as popular culture by the way, has always seen the possibility of selling your soul to the devil. seeing one's soul in those hands has made many afraid, and many tempted. the ones tempted don't have a soul to know what they would be selling and the ones afraid do not understand that it all just comes down to time and space

what does one use his time for. what does one want from space. a person who thinks they have everything there is to have inside go on using time to fill space with whatever that which they have inside of them wants, and believe me it is far away from the whims of spirits

it takes a lot of conscious effort to get one tuned up for the communications coming from deep within. so, what selling a soul really means is arrogance in front of life itself. believing one to be ready to act without having the divine guide to show where a life is to be taken. what is one's role to play

I hate to see people whose lives wither away without ever meaning anything - for they never gave anything any true meaning. you know, the kind of people who decide to have goals without knowing what the goals really mean or who they are to decide upon such reasons for living

Satan: a person who is tuned with his soul knows how to direct energy, how to direct love. that's why I think the sort of life with very poorly targeted energy is thought to have come from the 'selling of the soul.' when you look at people with a lot of money pretty often you see a man with little passions and a lot of compulsions. same with fame. you know why crazy horse was afraid of having his picture taken?

well, he understood how hard would it be for one to see their own soul if themselves were seen by all others with no ability to walk on that internal road

Mark: yeah I feel you. people in my life tend to look at me as I am outside you know. I look like million dollars. I really don't need to stress the point of myself anymore, my facebook profile gives all the details. but c'mon dude, where do I sign?

Satan: I really thought I wouldn't need to say this to your face. you don't have a soul to sell. and if you had, you wouldn't be selling it. not that it is possible to sell a soul anyway

see, you are just perfect for me like you are. you produce energy without a splash of divine logic in aiming it, thus participating into what I love;


from chaos those who know my patent magic can derive whatever they wish. and well, those guys are cool, occasionally sacrificing a goat for me and all that

God: when a child of mine knows his soul, he knows how to use his time, what to do in space. he knows what to want, for he understands the divine language which knows things in past, present and future, thus giving an absolute form to values etc. divine logic is a tough one, but in the end it just takes some years of practice and one will drive it like a bike

the amount of souls is a tricky one. through enlightenment a new soul can born out of the virtues of a material being, but never without the guidance of elders. originally, this was how it was meant to be - eternal beings being born and raised by other eternal beings. but, due to the pertinence of chaos, this process has nott really been going on strongly for centuries

anyway, love. love is when two souls of the same caliber get together. problems in this process occur only due to the energy vehicles, bodies, that bring forth the obstacles with their egos and all. the purpose for the existence of a soul is to make visible the logic behind the varieties of existence to those who exist, so that they can be free and independent in that existence. those without this soul connection within are doomed to do nothing but fuel the chaos, which has grown to be so big that it feeds millions of egos hungry for the material three

money, fame, power

and why these three you ask? for they all lead to sex, and thee times sex is 666. I will speak later about sex, I promise. I will tell what it is for and all, but now, dear Mark, just go and find your soul ok?

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