14 September 2010


God: you know what guys. I just realized, that we are doing this stuff pretty much like how Plato used to do stuff when he was around

Satan: true, except that he was speaking through his contemporaries whereas you and me are kinda eternal

Horace puts it well

omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci, lectorem delectando pariterque monendo

anyway, why I called you was for while surfing online I found a new term. positive eugenics. really, I am not kidding. saw a dialogue on a social networking site, so don't really know all about this term in regards to how widely spread it is, what types of things does it relate to, you know. so I was just thinking, what was that you said about positive attitude?

God: positive attitude is what you need when looking at the state of humanity and thus not calling for positive eugenics

all life has qualia
all is open for consciousness

ah, what a great day today has been 
nothing makes life more worth living than life

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