10 July 2010


I watched a movie about a bum in beverly hills
a movie from the eighties, thus the quality humor and neon lights

after a while started to see them signs
the name of his, the name of mine

is it you satan bringing up these

Satan: I love sweet talking you, baby
your heart is the best to guide my electricity

is it made from glass or copper or gold or steel?
cannot know for sure, that's how mad you make me feel

God: what do we have here?
is satan having his blogsphere premiere?

Satan: yes

God: well for you I give my salute!
but I have to say you're having a pitiful debut

I know how you've played this dame
you should know she's not into that game

the mysteries of your method are too tremendous for these mortals
too few of them know you are using flesh'n'bone portals

you are luring love with a bittersweet decoy
yet a pure heart won't beat for such material joy

Satan: I know but nothing is more pleasing
than the fine art of teasing

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