13 December 2009


like a divine gps

pure walking is the best way to prove yourself things such as faith; how could you come and go anywhere else than where you come and go when you're not going anywhere?

by accident found a door to a paradise park
walking so as to walk under a stone key

by accident met somebody in the paradise park
walking as a catalyst for another story

really, another story

leaving paradise is hardcore in a place such as rome
for in the streets even the most pusillanimous scooters roam!

crossing a street led to thoughts of death

the universe tends to award thoughts that go through
the natural respect of a logical flow, so to go


the silver Victoria running shoes turned down the street
flowing down a centuries old stairs - this was shown. see?

if you see it in the movies, mate
it's the same as you would have seen it, really?

reasons depend on the chosen meaning
you can tip 'em off - really!

I am just running here
with my 300D

had to fuel up with some expresso

(USAGE The often-occurring variant spelling expresso —and its pronunciation |ikˈspresō|—is incorrect and was probably formed by analogy with express.)

in the terrace sat down to my chair from rococo
one eyed dog was there too with his gigolo daddy-o!

finally, at these hoods of mine
mister berlin:

My photo
in the case of confusion: dyslexiaisokhere ät gmail.com